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Katrin Eggert was born in Wuppertal in 1972 and lives and works in the Bergisches Land region. After a classical basic education on piano and guitar, she took singing lessons with private teachers and continued her education mainly autodidactically.

Her music is influenced by various styles and genres and the cooperation with numerous artists from different countries have significantly influenced her own music. The singer looks back on a long career and a variety of regional and international collaborations.
"Openness and diversity are the driving force of artistic development for me."

A great affinity felt the singer since childhood especially to the French language and French music. So she writes lyrics in German and English as well as in French. The current album "Gare du Nord" contains exclusively pieces in German and French.

"Language is the gateway to the world. I wish I could speak and understand all the languages of this world. The French language has just the right mix of sweetness and bitterness for me."



Coming soon - new CD 'Der wunde Punkt'. In advance here the trailer:

"Music is a staple for me, music can hug and feed!"

My music could be described as a mixture of pop, chanson and a bit of soul with a "jazzy" twist. The boundaries are fluid and leave room for improvisation.

My lyrics are never about truths, but about things that may or may not have happened. Everyone can interpret the pieces from their own perception.

I often think and write in images that spontaneously present themselves to me. From the first thought to the finished piece are sometimes long ways, sometimes very short and sometimes aborted. So each piece is a little own way of life. 
I am supported on these paths by my band and other numerous colleagues, who play a decisive role in shaping each piece and thus make it much more interesting and of higher quality than I could ever do alone.


My pieces and albums can also be streamed or bought on the following platforms:

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You can book me with band or as a duo - you can find the options and the form here: » Bookings



You can book me with band or as a duo - here are the options. For a booking request please use the form below.

Katrin Eggert & band

In addition to pianist Thomas Klein, saxophonist Marie-Christine Schröck, drummer Dominic Brosowski and bassist Johannes Nebel form the musical backup for the singer. The musicians all look back on a long, professional career and play a major role in shaping the singer's music.

Katrin Eggert & Thomas Klein


The singer and the pianist have been working together for several years and Thomas Klein is significantly involved in the composition of the pieces. In a lockdown of the 2021 pandemic, both recorded the duo album "Gare du Nord".
The pianist studied jazz piano and composition both in Dortmund and Essen, as well as at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem.

Katrin Eggert & Mirko van Stiphaut 

The guitarist and the singer also work on the singer's pieces from time to time and have already recorded videos and songs together. The guitarist studied jazz guitar in Arnhem and looks back on a long career with international artists, as well as successful participation and co-creation in TV and theater formats.

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